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This class is designed to enhance your understanding and appreciation of film and television. You will learn about the basic elements that distinguish films and television programs from other aesthetic forms, such as editing, cinematography, sound and set design, and how these components work together to develop stories and characters.

Course Outline

Multimedia Basics

Production Management


Introduction to Film Directing

Production Design

Production Management I

Cast and Crew Management

Post Production

Film Business I

Film Business II

Guilds and Associations


We'll help achieve your dreams of making your own silver-screen sensation by following an organised process of planning, filming, and how you will tell your story. We also provide you with  hands-on experience and the necessary skills and experience to help launch a career in the film industry.


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3. Have a Mobile phone, Tablets, with Android 4.0 or higher; Laptop or Desktop devices with an Internet Browser.


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