With the ever-growing demand for media content on various platforms, a career in acting or filmmaking is a more realisable than ever before. This platform encourages aspiring actors and filmmakers to develop their own worldview and to become its student and practitioners for life.


The primary goal of this course is to increase understanding of yourself and others; more specifically, you will learn to communicate with others using dramatic form; make creative and artistic decisions; develop problem solving skills; build positive self-concept, and interpersonally relate with your peers.

Course Outline

-Acting Journey

-Talent & Skills

- Motivation (Introduction to Acting)

- Actor's Tool (Body & Voice)

- Imagination

- MAGIC IF and Given Circumstance

- Concentration

- Characterization and Action

- Motivation

- Acting Techniques

- Emotional Recall

- The Inner Creative State


This course will cover skills in observation, listening, mime, characterization, improvisation, dialects, monologue and scene delivery, auditioning, script reading, writing, memorization, and acting, by way of acting exercises and games. Acting is a wonderful, rewarding pursuit. Its study can open the mind, sharpen the wit, and free the heart. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover your hidden talents…and have fun!


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4 Weeks